high performance biodegradables

APINAT products lead the bioplastics market for their physical-mechanical characteristics (see in the apinat depliant > download it) as well as for the wide range of grades available, which include:
  • HARD with hardnesses in the range 35-78 Shore D (based on ASTM D2240 standards) and flexural modulus in the range 100-3000 MPa (based on ASTM D790 standards).
  • SOFT with hardnesses in the range 55-90 Shore A (based on ASTM D2240 standards) and flexural modulus in the range 45-110 MPa (based on ASTM D790 standards).
The flexibility and hardness of APINAT series products means that it is absolutely unique when compared to other bioplastics available on the market: APINAT has an international patent.

APINAT products are suitable for the production of disposable as well as durable goods and can be processed using the same technology used for traditional plastics: injection moulding, extrusion, blow-moulding and calendering. As a result of its excellent chemical adhesion properties APINAT is suited to the production of 100% biodegradable combination hard-soft products using over-moulding and co-moulding processing.
APINAT is supplied in neutral-coloured granulated form. In order to respond to the widest possible range of colouration needs, atoxic biodegradable masterbatches with zero heavy metal or other dangerous substance content are available in accordance with EN 13432 standards.
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Main Features

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Colouring - Apinat is normally supplied in a neutral colour. If colouring is required, special orders can be made of biodegradable and non-toxic batches (Apicolor B) with the desired colour.
- The product is available in 25 kg sacks, on pallets of 1250 Kg. On request, packaging is available in octabins for large-volume orders.
Transformation process - Apinat can be transformed using any available technology used for plastic materials. As these products are hygroscopic, it is advisable to ensure that relative humidity is kept under 0,1% in order to avoid production problems. It is always advisable to pre-dry the product for a period of 2 hours at 70- 80°C.
Recycling - Apinat products are thermoplastic compounds, as such, are completely recyclable. However, we recommend re-using production waste by mixing it with virgin material and pre-drying the waste before reuse.
Storage - The product should be stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid high temperatures and humidity and keep away from naked flames and sources of heat. The product is hygroscopic; if the original packaging is opened, the product will need to be pre-dried adequately before use.
Technical assistance - API’s technical support service is available to provide any technical assistance necessary to ensure the correct processing of Apinat and to help in choosing the most suitable product for your needs.