Api & Puma,
BIO together

API, leading Italian producer of thermoplastic compounds, has signed a deal with PUMA, one of the biggest international names in Sports and Lifestyle goods. The agreement provides for the exclusive use of API’s innovative biodegradable Bioplastic apinat bio® for the production of PUMA’s new more sustainable footwear styles.

Mussolente (Italy), October 8th 2012 APINAT BIO® bioplastics come from API’s ongoing commitment to research and development resulting in the production of a high quality, low-impact product that safeguards the environment. APINAT BIO® by API is the first and only line of soft, biodegradable elastomers available in the world and is covered by an international patent. APINAT BIO® is certified as sustainable based on its RECYCLABILITY and BIODEGRADABILITY in line with internationally recognized standards (EN 13432/EN 14995 in Europe, ASTM D 6400 in the USA).

PUMAintend to use APINAT BIO® bioplastics in the manufacture of the sole for a sneaker, the PUMA InCycle Basket, which will be presented in their new InCycle Spring/Summer 2013 collection. PUMA runs in cooperation with global recycling company I:CO the so-called Bring Me Back program, which promotes the use and return at the end of their useful life of products in the InCycle range, thereby lowering their environmental impact and reducing waste. PUMA InCycle Collection, based on the concepts of BIODEGRADABILITY and RECYCLABILITY, is the world’s first 100% Cradle-to-Cradle Basic Certified (CM) collection.
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Interview with Lorenzo Brunetti

Vice President
Marketing & Sales Director
The growing awareness among consumers ofenvironmental sustainabilityissues has driven the company to develop materials, products and solutions that have a reduced impact on the ecosystem. For some time now API has been involved in this process for innovation. We’re convinced that bioplastics are a valid alternative to traditional plastics and that in the mid-term they will give life to countless applications that will foster innovation while bringing a range of advantages, including reduced costs, which today we can only dream about.

Our collaboration with Puma
is in line with this philosophy. The factor that convinced us to make the unusual decision of allowing them exclusive use of APINAT BIO® in the footwear sector, a sector which has been of key importance for API over the years, is that Puma have invested heavily in an awareness programme aimed at consumers. In this way they will foster the development of bio-sustainable production lines contributing to the creation of a culture of intelligent recycling and the use of biodegradable products which, at the end of their life, will be recycled using methods which are fully in harmony with the delicate mechanisms of nature.

Lorenzo Brunetti